Flip Your Style and Flex Your Best Self Through Fashion

Three of Malaysia’s Rising Social Stars Spill the Tea on Their Pursuit of Authenticity

Styles and trends play a part in reflecting one’s inner self and personality; and it is fascinating to see how your fashion speaks for you. For modest fashion trendsetters like Abby Asmaa (@abbyasmaa), Arinna Erin (@arinna.erin), and Rafidah (@rafidaaaaaaaah), the key to achieving the right style is by being comfortable in one’s own skin. To be in tune with their core being and get inspired, the trio has their own unique ways of tapping into their artistic zones.

Believe in yourself – Abby Asmaa

For Abby, what someone chooses to wear portrays a person’s character, self-confidence, and flexibility. When it comes to selecting her attire for the day, comfort comes first for her. She likes to keep her daily fit simple, save for certain special occasions where a little extra will go a long way.

“Neutrals will always be my go-to in terms of colours although I do go for bold patterns on the rare occasion. Fortunately, my Cream coloured Galaxy Z Flip3 5G and its extensive range of customisable and fashionable accessories has more than what it takes to add that extra jazz and sparkle to my whole look,” she says.

Fun, compact, and versatile – the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G will surely make a fine addition to your daily wear. You can carry it discreetly in your pocket or sling it over your neck like a statement piece to become the next conversation starter. Available in stunning shades of Cream, Phantom Black, Phantom Green, and Lavender for you to choose, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G will give an added boost to your style.

“It’s important to always believe in your talents and strengths. Be comfortable with who you are and trust the process. Give it your very best, and don’t forget to have fun!” adds Abby.

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone – Arinna Erin

As a content creator with a bustling hustle in the fashion industry, Arinna has perfected the practice of discovering inspiration at every opportunity to brew new ideas. Creating Pinboards or trawling endless TikTok videos for ideas may seem like a natural place to start for most but for Arinna, inspiration can be found everywhere around us.

“I try not to overthink it. Raw, in the moment ideas are always the freshest and most organic to me and this allows my content to stay true to who I am,” Arinna says. “I don’t create stuff that does not resonate with me, so if at that time I’m feeling weird and hyper, that’s the outcome of my content really.”

At the core of her process, Arinna encourages aspiring trendsetters to strive to do something out of their comfort zone. When you’re all set and ready to steal the thunder with your striking attire of the day, it is time to share your #OOTD with the world!

With Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G’s Quick Shot and Hands Free capture features, Arinna can snap away and pose to her heart’s content. “I’ve never been so excited to create content. Before I got my hands on the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, I was not always fond of recording or capturing moments instantly. Now, knowing that it can be so breezy with this phone, I feel happier creating and sharing more images and videos of myself and my outfit,” she gushed. “The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is a vlogger’s best friend, and with the fantastic Flex Mode and Cover Screen camera, I don’t require a tripod anymore. Switching to the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G has been a gamechanger.”

Go The Extra Mile – Rafidah

Adventurous and bold in her fashion takes, Rafidah approaches her passion for styling with an open heart and mind. To stand out, she recommends going the extra mile; literally. “I love driving and traveling! A road trip to the beach, a simple picnic, or maybe an impromptu trip to neighbouring Asian countries can help jumpstart my concepts!” she said enthusiastically.

“We love our classics. Something from the past can make a huge comeback in fashion, and people are more open about choosing styles that represent them truthfully,” says Rafidah. “Owning the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G takes me back to my school days when flip phones were famous, and we would dream of owning one. Then flat phones become mainstream for many years, and still so today. With Samsung introducing their foldable smartphones, we can finally be edgy and appear fashionably unique. It is a dream come true.”

Apart from taking great shots solo, Rafidah finds editing on the split-screen allows her to match her current content with her social media feeds. “My work has definitely been upgraded thanks to amazing features like the Multi-Window, Smart Switch, and of course, the Cover Screen camera and preview. My work feels a lot easier, and I get to expand my creativity because I can do so many things at once on a single device. It is hands-down a winner.”

Exploring Creative Authenticity

For Arinna, Abby, and Rafidah, being modest fashionistas have never halted their journeys to do great things and stand out. They remain artistic in their creative pursuits and seek to unfold their strong qualities through fashion. Much like the compact Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, these demure ladies pack a punch. The device serves as a wonderful companion and accessory to them, empowering their swagger as they walk down their runways, anywhere and anytime.

If you believe you dress to impress and have what it takes to conquer the stage, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is here to help bring out your shining personality and find your winning angles. Start realising your dreams as a fashionista today and get the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G to perfect your style.

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