Show your best moves and #Tap2TheBeat with Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Humans are hardwired to respond to music. When we hear a beat, we start to tap our feet, bob our head and before you know it, we woah, we wave, we renegade, then we put it up on the Gram or TikTok. Whether you own the dance floor or have two left feet, join Samsung’s #Tap2TheBeat movement and just unleash your inner beast.

Samsung is releasing a Galaxy Buds2 Pro song with choreographed dance moves by Mingaling (@mingaling26), Yuki (@yuki_dance_), Jabir Meftah (@jabirmeftah) and Caedon (@caedonyeong).

You can be part of this movement too! All you have to do is record a video of yourself dancing to these moves using the #Tap2TheBeat filter on Instagram, post it with the hashtags #Tap2TheBeat #GalaxyBuds2Pro and tag @samsungmalaysia with your profile set to public.

You can get creative with your video using the choreographed dance or show off any moves that resonate with your passions in these categories – Music, Dance, Fun & Fit and Fashion.

Submission your videos today! Samsung will be selecting the best videos and releasing it as a compilation video, so be sure you break down your best moves!

Good moves require good music and good music requires good earbuds. Get lost in the music when you put on your Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, which brings you the ultimate audio experience with 24-bit Hi-Fi audio, 360 Audio and Active Noise Cancelling, so that you can dance like no one’s watching.

Can you keep to the beat? Join #Tap2TheBeat at

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