Samsung UV Sterilizer with Wireless Charging Review [Review Vlog 29] 三星带无线充电的紫外线消毒器评测

With the pandemic that is going on in the world, sterilizing whatever that we had touch outside would be crucial to protect our self from being infected by the viruses.

The awareness of wearing a mask, social distancing, avoiding crowded space, cleaning our stuff after going out would be the new norm. We would be able to clean our clothing but how about our mobile phones and electronics devices?

Mid this year, Samsung has launched a new devices to sterilize its small electronics devices while charging it wirelessly. It has claimed that the device could kill up to 99% of bacteria on the electronics products with this device. 

I have get one of this device to test it out at the same time sharing my review on this device with all of you guys. Do hope that you would find this sharing useful and it could helps you in deciding whether to get one to sterilize your stuff or not.

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