Christmas Came Early for Me This Year

This morning when I woke up, I saw there were an unfamiliar thing on the Christmas tree. After a closer look, I’ve saw there were a key with an alarm hanging on the Christmas tree. At first I was wondering what is the key for.


I went down to downstairs and saw one of my favourite eBike sitting down there. It was an eBike that I had always wanted since the MCO started. I wish to have a more green energy and cost saving transportation to commute from one place to the other especially to the shops near to my neighborhoods as it is really hard to find car parking when visiting there.


2020 pandemic has gave us time slowing down and thinking about our life.

I believe many of us had some change in our life during this period of time no matter big or small. Businesses were changing the way the do their business too. For me, I was procrastinating during the first few month of the MCO as I do not know what to expect and do when this pandemic hits us. But later on, I’m glad that I had sometime for my self to reflect about my work and life.

It has changed my personal perception about life especially when you saw how fragile life was and it also changes my priority in life from a work focus person to a more relax and goes with the flow person. I’m not sure whether is this a good change as I had not really achieve my financial independence and now I’m slowing down in my work and focusing more on what I love to do including procrastinating once a while 😛

Besides changing my life perception, I guess I did not achieve anything this year. Which is something to be sad about. Looking forward, I would wish that the upcoming 2021 would be a better year for everyone and I could progress more, moving towards my life and financial goal more nearer.

Year 2020 is coming to the end. I would say it had been a very challenging year for everyone. I feels that I has been more challenging than what our parents has been going through. Or maybe I’m wrong as I was still young during the financial crisis. Nevertheless I would like to wish everyone a better 2021.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

P/s: I will be sharing my eBike review soon on my Youtube Channel: @TaekiChan. If you would like to stay up to date on my postings, please feel free to subscribe and press the notification button beside the Subscribe buton.

Till we meet again, stay safe and take care!

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