Belgium Great Burgers with Grand Place View [Food Vlog 45] 比利时大汉堡,可欣赏大广场景观

After checking into our accommodation, we are now departing to one of the highly rated restaurant in town to try out its famous burgers. I’m going to bring you guys over and share with you my experience dining in this restaurant.

The restaurant that we will be visiting is called La Brouette, it’s a charming restaurant nestled in the heart of Belgium (next to the Grand Palace), where culinary excellence meets rich history. We had take the opportunity to visit this hidden gem and explore the delightful flavors of its signature burgers.

La Brouette is located in the picturesque town of Belgium, known for its enchanting cobblestone streets and historic architecture. The restaurant itself boasts a cozy, rustic ambiance that transports you to a bygone era while offering a delightful contemporary dining experience.

On our visit to La Brouette, our hearts were set on savoring their renowned burgers that we were in for a treat! My brother had ordered their “Brouette’s Special” – a 100% Belgian beef burger served with a delectable beer sauce, tangy pickled red onions, and a generous serving of abbey cheese, all accompanied by a side of perfectly crispy fries. Each bite was a harmonious symphony of flavors, with the beef’s rich juiciness blending seamlessly with the creamy cheese and zesty onions.

My mum wanted to tried out its pork burger: the “Zinneke” – a pulled pork wonder adorned with homemade sauce, fresh tomatoes, caramelized onions, and zesty gherkins. The pulled pork was incredibly tender and bathed in a sauce that danced on the palate. The combination of ingredients left us craving for more.

I had ordered their “Manneken” burger – a succulent masterpiece featuring flemish beefsteak and caramelized onions. The beefsteak, tender and full of character, combined wonderfully with the sweetness of the onions, creating a delightful contrast of flavors.

As I savored the “Manneken” burger at La Brouette, we couldn’t resist taking it to another level of deliciousness. With a sprinkle of salt and the addition of fragrant herbs onto the beefsteak, the flavors transcended our expectations.

The seasoning enhanced the richness of the beef, infusing it with a depth of taste that was simply extraordinary. And when paired with the soft, burger bread that cradled this culinary masterpiece, the combination was nothing short of awesome. It was a symphony of textures and tastes that left us craving every succulent bite. And of course, to wash down these delectable flavors, I couldn’t resist ordering my favorite bottled Coke.

La Brouette in Belgium isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a culinary adventure through history and taste. Whether you’re a burger enthusiast or simply seeking an unforgettable dining experience, La Brouette beckons you to savor its remarkable creations in a setting that whispers the secrets of centuries past.

So, if you find yourself in Belgium, make sure to visit La Brouette, where the past meets the present on a plate, and every bite is a journey worth taking.

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