Kao Malaysia Advocates Local Engagement for Sustainable Brands Goals

In a landmark move, Kao Malaysia made its debut appearance at the eighth Sustainable Brands Conference, shining a spotlight on the significance of local engagement in the pursuit of sustainable brand objectives. The conference, themed “Regenerating Local,” drew the participation of global experts, each offering their unique perspective on the concept of “local” and its role in brand regeneration. This year’s event featured hands-on workshops in addition to the customary plenary and panel discussions.

During their session, Ms. Tan Poh Ling, Vice President of Marketing at Kao Malaysia, unveiled the company’s endeavors and initiatives aimed at empowering and supporting women, initiatives deeply ingrained within local Malaysian communities. Laurier, a well-known name among young Malaysian girls since 1994, introduced its “Yakinlah Menjadi Remaja” program, which educates young girls about menstrual hygiene, reaching over two million students across 8,000 schools.

Ms. Tan Poh Ling expressed her pride in representing Kao at the Sustainable Brands Conference, emphasizing the marketing community’s responsibility to infuse sustainability into brand strategies. She underlined the significance of addressing issues relevant to local communities and highlighted Kao’s commitment to women’s empowerment, considering diversity as a vital component of human capital.

The “Yakinlah Menjadi Remaja” program has expanded in collaboration with the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN), known as the ‘Laurier School of Confidence.’ This initiative not only fosters self-assurance among young women but also rewards eligible students with RM1,500 through the National Education Savings Scheme (Simpan SSPN) account.

Celebrating half a century of service to Malaysians, Kao Malaysia recently brought its Kirei Lifestyle plan closer to consumers. Rooted in Kao’s corporate philosophy, “The Kao Way,” the Kirei Lifestyle Plan charts a sustainable path for Kao Corporation in fulfilling its obligations to customers, communities, and the global environment. The plan encompasses product innovation, environmental responsibility, and adherence to various sustainability goals, including decarbonization, zero waste, water conservation, and pollution prevention.

Kao’s unwavering commitment to ethical practices has earned it the distinction of being one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” for an impressive 17 years, making it the only Asian company to achieve this recognition, as recognized by the Ethisphere Institute, a prominent U.S. think tank. Kao’s Kirei Lifestyle vision extends beyond environmental concerns to encompass health and social objectives.

Ms. Tan Poh Ling further elaborated on the progress Kao has made in integrating the Kirei Lifestyle ESG strategy, emphasizing achievements in zero waste and women’s empowerment. With the guidance of the Kirei Lifestyle Plan, Kao aims to enhance its business, provide improved products and services to consumers and society, and collaboratively create a more beautiful life for all.

For additional details on Kao’s Kirei Lifestyle Plan, please visit: Kao’s Kirei Lifestyle Plan

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