Authentic Boat Noodles at Chen Long Boat Noodle [Food Vlog 37] 陈龙船面的正宗船面

Chen Long Boat Noodles restaurant is tucked away amidst a vibrant row of massage parlors, just a stone’s throw away from Lee Garden’s McDonald’s. It has earned quite a reputation in Hat Yai, thanks to its unbeatable combination of wallet-friendly prices and mouthwatering, authentic Thai boat noodles.

Originally a culinary delight served aboard boats navigating Bangkok’s canals, boat noodles have found a special place in the hearts of Hat Yai locals and visitors alike. The dish itself is a symphony of flavors, featuring a rich and aromatic broth, tender noodles, delectable slices of meat, and a tantalizing blend of southern Thai spices like galangal and lemongrass. Such is its allure that it has inspired similar stalls across the length and breadth of Thailand.

At Chen Long Boat Noodles, diners are presented with a choice between the pork or beef variations of this scrumptious dish. The portion sizes remain faithful to the typical Thai dining experience, avoiding overwhelming quantities. The soup itself is a masterful creation—a beef broth bursting with flavors and subtly infused with hints of fragrant herbs. The beef, sourced fresh and tender, encompasses a delightful assortment of cuts, including succulent brisket, tantalizing tendons, and delectable beef balls.

As you indulge in your boat noodle adventure, you’ll be treated to a symphony of flavors. The menu offers the option to relish noodles soaked in a luscious gravy sauce, perfectly blending the mixed pork and beef, complemented by fresh bean sprouts and aromatic basil leaves. To heighten the experience, each table is adorned with two petite packages of crispy fried pork skin, ready to be savored.

Eager to sample a variety of delights, we embarked on a culinary exploration, ordering an assortment of noodles and a medley of pork and beef. Our feast included thick noodles paired with succulent sliced beef and delectable beef balls, a delightful combination of thick and vermicelli noodles intertwined with tender pork, pork balls, and even intestines. And of course, we couldn’t resist trying the wanton noodles, accompanied by savory pork balls and succulent strips of pork meat.

For an added touch, I decided to toss in some bean sprouts into my bowl, carefully sidestepping the basil leaves as they aren’t quite to my taste. If you’re curious to hear my thoughts and experience at Chen Long Boat Noodles, I invite you to watch my video, where I delve deeper into this delectable culinary journey.

With its enchanting flavors and cozy atmosphere, Chen Long Boat Noodles offers a remarkable dining experience that captures the essence of southern Thai cuisine. So, grab your chopsticks and prepare to embark on a savory adventure you won’t soon forget.

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