Is Your Heart Happy & Healthy? Find Out with Samsung Health

The human body is a wonder! What keeps our hearts beating all the time, whether we’re awake or asleep? The heart is the hardest working muscle in the body. It beats more than 2.5 billion times during an average lifetime; that’s 100,000 times day.

Blood pressure, meanwhile, is a measure of the force that your heart uses to pump blood around your body. A healthy blood pressure range for adults is between 90/60mmHg and 120/80mmHg.

Knowing these numbers can help make you more aware of your health and take the right steps to stay within the healthy blood pressure range.

Stay on top of your heart health with Samsung Health

It’s important to track your BP and ECG regularly to know your health situation, and so that you can make the lifestyle changes necessary to keep your heart healthy. Beyond going for regular check-ups through a medical professional, use the Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro to check your BP and ECG readings daily at home or on the go!

The Galaxy Watch5 | Galaxy Watch5 Pro are built with a PPG and ECG sensor to detect your systolic and diastolic pressure, pulse rate, and electrical signals produced by your heart each time it beats. These readings can be stored in the Samsung Health Monitor Blood Pressure app and Samsung Health Monitor ECG app, so that you can monitor your progress.

Besides, Samsung Health offers a bunch of other features that can make a positive impact on your BP and ECG – like Stress Monitoring, along with breathing exercises or mindfulness meditation to keep the pressure at bay. The app also offers workout programs so you get the exercise you need to get that heart pumping. Additionally, you can use the Galaxy Watch5 | Galaxy Watch5 Pro to track your sleep and get a personalised sleep coaching program. Follow the tips to improve your sleep quality, which will inadvertently improve your BP and ECG readings.

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