Galaxy S24, Your Personal AI Assistant

Galaxy S24, Your Personal AI Assistant

Getting a new phone can be exciting. Better screen, better battery life , a whole new way of work and play thanks to AI technology. But wait, what happens if you fall in love with your device and can’t bear to part with it sooner than you have to?

Answer, automatic upgrades – oh hey, sounds like we’re describing the all-new Galaxy S24 Series!

That’s right, the Galaxy S24 Series will receive seven generations of OS upgrades as well as seven years of security updates . New owners can enjoy their shiny new phones until Android 21, expected to be released in 2031 .

Here is a glimpse of what the epic next seven years of your life with your very own Galaxy S24 could look like….

Communication is Key

Imagine this… it’s the middle of March, cherry blossom petals graze your face as you’re dressed in a Hanbok, truly immersing yourself in Korean culture – but wait, how will you go around amongst the locals when you’re not fluent in the language? Well, it’s a good thing you have the Galaxy S24 series in your hands!

The Galaxy S24 Series redefines how we communicate with Galaxy AI, providing owners with barrier-free communication. Order seafood at Noryangjin Fish Market without any worries. Explore and haggle. Talk to the locals. Defying language barriers have never been easier with Interpreter. Your live conversations are instantly translated on a split-screen view so you and the other person can read the text-transcriptions of what the other person just said, avoiding any pesky miscommunications. Did we mention that this feature works even without cellular data or Wi-Fi?

Aside from that, the new flagship series also brings us Live Translate, a two-way, real-time voice and text-translation of phone calls within the native app and Chat Assist, for the texters. Inviting your friends and colleagues over for an open house? Let Chat Assist help you get the perfect conversational tones: casual for the friends and polite for the colleagues.

Currently, there are 17 supported languages (including variations), but more languages will come into play within the next seven years so keep an eye out for that!

Galaxy S24, Your Personal AI Assistant

Unleash Your Creativity

Photo editing has always been the fun part of content creation – you take what you have captured and add your personal touch to it. With the Galaxy S24 Series’ ProVisual Engine, you get a comprehensive set of AI-powered tools that enables you to unleash your creativity. Now, you can do so much more than just adding a filter to your pictures. There’s a random, unwanted object in your picture? Simply erase it and let Photo Assist recompose the part that was erased. You had a picture of you taken by a friend but you feel that… it could be better? Generative Edit is here to assist you. Delete, move, resize objects. Tilt the picture to your desired alignment. Let Galaxy AI do the rest for you.

As Galaxy AI becomes more integrated into our lives, expect future updates to refine the current AI features and possibly even unlock even more capabilities into your devices.

Upgrade to Galaxy S24 Series Today!

Users upgrading their device to the Galaxy S24 series before the 30th of April 2024 will enjoy a slew of deals including

  • Up to additional RM650 enhanced trade in
  • Free Galaxy Watch6 (44mm) worth RM1,199
  • Up to RM800 PWP on selected Galaxy Wearables, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Buds
  • Up to 45% off on Samsung Care+ & Accessories


To purchase Galaxy S24 devices, please click the respective links below:

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