Food Heaven at Lee Garden Night Market Hatyai [Travel Vlog 78] 合艾李园夜市的美食天堂

Lee Garden Night Market Hatyai

After visiting the Central Hatyai Festival, we had departed to Lee Garden for our dinner and night shopping. We had visited the Lee Garden Plaza as we saw some of the travellers commented that there were shops that sells Naraya products in the second floor of the plaza.

Unfortunately we didn’t found any Naraya products in the plaza. We then exited the plaza and enter into the Lee Garden Night Market which is just outside of the Lee Garden Plaza. We continued our walking and shopping at the night market street and had explore even more shops on the other side of the street.

The night market actually sells lots of stuffs ranging from bags, souvenirs, fashion clothings, accessories, home products, snacks and hot foods. In order to share a better overview of the Lee Garden Night Market, I had recorded down some of the stalls that is available in the night markets in this video.

If you would like to know more about what’s does Lee Garden Night Market offers, do check out my video that I had created here.

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