Journey to Amsterdam: My Thalys Train Adventure! [Travel Vlog 99] 阿姆斯特丹之旅:我的大力士列车冒险!

Hi everyone, today marks my last day in Brussels, Belgium, and we’re off to Amsterdam! We’ll be traveling on the Thalys Train, which takes about two hours to get from Brussels Main Station to Amsterdam Main Station. I’d love to share my Thalys train experience with you.

Upon arriving at Brussels Main Station, the directions to the platform were clear. However, it’s crucial to pay attention to the specific train that stops at the platform. In Europe, multiple trains can stop at the same platform, and boarding the wrong one could take you to a different destination, requiring you to purchase a new ticket.

While waiting, our train was delayed. I’ve heard about punctuality issues with European trains before, and this wasn’t my first experience with it. Previously, a strike delayed my train from Florence to Pisa. This time, I’m not sure what caused the delay, but it’s wise to build some buffer time into your travel plans.

After a 45-minute delay, our train finally arrived. Upon boarding, I noticed a designated area for large luggage and overhead shelves for smaller bags. I placed my mid-size backpack on the overhead shelf for easy access.

The seats were reasonably comfortable, neither too spacious nor too tight. Each seat had a foldable table and a power plug, as well as a jacket hook above the seat. Additionally, there was free Wi-Fi available for passengers, which was a nice touch.

After enjoying the view for a while, I checked out the bathroom. It was clean and decent, with a sink and mirror at the entrance and a toilet at the back.

The train made several stops along the way, giving us the opportunity to enjoy the scenery. I took the time to do some work using the free Wi-Fi. While the Wi-Fi wasn’t particularly fast, it was adequate for my needs, and since it was free, I can’t complain.

Overall, aside from the delayed departure, my Thalys train experience was quite pleasant.

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