Capture with Confidence – The Art of Stunning Photos with Galaxy S24 Series’ Photo Assist

Samsung is levelling up their photography game for all photography enthusiasts – the unveiling of the Photo Assist feature on latest Galaxy innovation – Galaxy S24 series. With a mission to empower users to capture stunning photos with confidence, Samsung is revolutionizing the way we approach mobile photography.

Our new flagship phone comes equipped with the innovative Photo Assist feature, designed to make photography not just a moment, but an experience. This Galaxy AI feature offers users a range of creative and intuitive features, allowing them to effortlessly transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

A New Way to Create

Generative Edit, redefine the art of image refinement. Transform your photos effortlessly by filling in backgrounds, straightening images, and generating new backgrounds to seamlessly fill gaps around the edges. Imagine you are taking a family group photo, and there are various possibilities for you to choose for the photos background and share on social media. How cool is that? Additionally, with AI Zoom and multi-frame processing for all zoom ranges, our phone takes your photography experience to new heights.

Our Galaxy S24 Ultra brings you into the mesmerizing world of Nightography Zoom, where night time zoom at 5x captures moments with 1.6x larger pixels, resulting in brighter, clearer zoom photos compared to our last flagship.

The enhanced handshake compensation, facilitated by a wider OIS, ensures steady and professional-looking shots even in low-light conditions. A promising feature for you to take outstanding photos even at night, especially capturing the fireworks during festive season.  Capture the beautiful night with Night Portrait Zoom using our Galaxy S24 Ultra, where AI ISP (Night Solution) and AI Stereo Depth Map collaborate to deliver bright night portraits with exceptional depth and artful blur effects.

Transform the way you create by using our latest Galaxy innovation, which is currently available in Malaysia through carriers, retailers and on Samsung Malaysia Online Store. Enjoy exclusive deals worth up to RM1,650 from 7 February until 29th February 2024.

ProductModelRRPColour AvailabilityPromotion
Galaxy S24 UltraGalaxy S24 Ultra


RM7,799· Titanium Yellow

· Titanium Violet

· Titanium Gray

· Titanium Black

· Online Exclusive (Titanium Blue, Titanium Orange, Titanium Green)

· RM500 e-voucher


· Enhanced trade-in up to RM1,150


· PWP, get RM100 discount on selected Galaxy Buds


· PWP, direct discount RM200 from the selected product category (Galaxy Tab/ Galaxy Watch). Select 2 items, direct discount total RM700 (RM200+RM500). 2nd PWP item cannot be from the same category with 1st PWP item. e.g. If you selected Galaxy Tab as your 1st item, you can only select Galaxy Watch as your 2nd item. Purchase Galaxy Buds + Galaxy Watch + Galaxy Tab, get total RM800 discount


· Up to 45% OFF on Samsung Care+ and accessories.

Galaxy S24 Ultra (512GB)RM6,799
Galaxy S24 Ultra (256GB)RM6,299
Galaxy S24+Galaxy S24+


RM5,399· Amber Yellow

· Cobalt Violet

· Marble Gray

· Onyx Black

· Online Exclusive (Sandstone Orange, Sapphire Blue, Jade Green)

Galaxy S24+


Galaxy S24Galaxy S24


RM4,599· Amber Yellow

· Cobalt Violet

· Marble Gray

· Onyx Black

· Online Exclusive (Sandstone Orange, Sapphire Blue, Jade Green)

Galaxy S24




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