The Real British Foods at The Ivy Collection [Food Vlog 43] The Ivy Collection 提供正宗的英国美食

Let me tell you about an awesome dining experience I had in London. We went to The Ivy Collection, a famous place known for its delicious British food. This particular spot is called The Ivy in The Park, and it’s in Canary Wharf. The Ivy Collection has 15 places all around Central London, and it’s super popular for its mix of modern British classics, Asian-inspired dishes, and great options for vegans and vegetarians.

When we stepped into The Ivy in The Park, it felt really fancy yet cozy at the same time. We decided to try their special brunch menu, which had some amazing choices. My mom ordered the Traditional Fish & Chips. It was a piece of fish called North Sea cod covered in crispy batter from 1917 (that’s a long time ago!). It came with mushy peas (they’re peas cooked until they’re soft), thick-cut fries, and a sauce called tartare sauce that’s great with fish.

My brother picked something cool too – the Truffle Chicken Milanese. It was like crispy chicken with a fancy twist. There was a fried egg on top, and the whole thing was covered in truffle cream and cheese. Yum!

My brother’s friend went for the Eggs Royale. This dish had special smoked salmon from The Ivy’s own recipe, along with poached eggs and a creamy sauce called hollandaise. And yes, it came with thick-cut fries too.

I got curious and ordered something a bit different – the Eggs Royale with tuna instead of smoked salmon. When I cut into the poached egg, the yolk (the yellow part) spilled out in a really tasty way. It was so good! I’ve manage to get a bite of my mum’s and brother’s dish as well and it was awesomely good as well.

This will definitely be one of the new restaurant to be listed in my list whenever I coming to London next time. So, that’s the story of our awesome time at The Ivy in The Park. The place looked posh but cozy, and the food was amazing. We left with happy hearts and full stomachs, knowing we’d had a truly special dining experience. The Ivy Collection really knows how to make delicious British food that you won’t forget.

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