Leadenhall Market: Where Harry Porter Scene Was Shot [Travel Vlog 92] 利登霍尔市场:哈利波特场景的拍摄地

I recently discovered that Leadenhall was chosen as a filming location for the Harry Potter movies in 2000-2001. It represented both the iconic wizard and witch pub, The Leaky Cauldron, and served as inspiration for the magical shopping street, Diagon Alley.

Intrigued by this connection, I decided to visit Leadenhall Market and experience it firsthand. After navigating through a few tube changes and walks, we finally reached Leadenhall Street. The front entrance left me in awe, as it felt like stepping into the future while the interior held a completely different ambiance from its surroundings.

The specific part of Leadenhall Market used for filming resembled the shopping street from the Harry Potter movies, and I felt a strong sense of familiarity as I observed the row of shops.

Leadenhall Market itself is a stunning covered marketplace located in the City of London. To my surprise, it boasts a rich history spanning over 700 years, dating back to its establishment in 1321. The fact that it is housed in a historic Victorian-era building gave me the sensation of traveling back in time by a century or two.

Throughout its long history, Leadenhall Market has evolved from being a place primarily for butchers and fishmongers to a contemporary shopping precinct featuring trendy bars and charming cafes.

Notably, the covered marketplace within Leadenhall was also used as the exterior of Diagon Alley, the bustling shopping hub in the wizarding world for Hogwarts’ students, as well as The Leaky Cauldron, the popular wizarding pub.

Having closely examined Leadenhall Market, I could easily envision it as the magical Diagon Alley. It was truly impressive to see how this narrow lane could be transformed into such a grand movie scene.

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