How I Protect My Camera Gears [Review Vlog 46] 我如何保护我的相机装备

This pandemic has changed many things. My travelling plans has been delayed for almost 2 years now. We have been restriceted to stay at home and nearby our neighbourhoods only. No district or state crossings are allowed. Not to mentioned cross country. This also means that my camera, gears and gadgets were tuck at the side untouched.

Recently I realised that my camera gadgets and gears are starting to collects alot of dust and mold. This is when I have decided to DIY my own dry box (adding silicone into it) to store all of my camera and gears end of last year. After 8 months of using it, my gears has showed some improvements on its surfaces. My Rode Mic and action camera has seen an improvement where it is not sticky on its rubber surface anymore.

But as I was watching some YouTube videos, I came across on one of the camera gurus talking about protecting our camera and gears. He explained about the pros and cons using the DIY dry box which makes me think again whether should I invest in a more proper dry box.

Hence I have started to do some learning and research on dry box. I have also asked a few of my friends on their dry box too. Finally I have come to a conclusion that I should buy a more proper dry box instead of using my current DIY dry box. After asking opinions from my friends, they reccomend me with the Samruai brand’s dry box. It seems like Samurai’s dry box is durable and could last for a very long time. One of my friend had also used this brand’s dry box for more than 10 years now and it is still working well.

Since I had a lot of camera, gears and gadgets, I have decided to look for one model that I could store all of my gears and gadgets into the dry box. After calculating my gears and gadgets, I have some to a conclusion that I would need a 60L or higher dry box. Coincidently I saw Samura has one 60L dry box to offer.

Without futher contemplation, I have brough the Samurai’s 60L dry box and it has arrived after 5 days of purchasing it online. I have then decided to share with all of you guys my new 60L dry box and what I have placed into this dry box in this video.

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