Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Unboxing and Review [Review Vlog 43] 三星 Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 拆箱和評論

The pandemic has changed the way we live. Most of us now are working from home, kids needs to study from home through online learning, elderly is spending more time indoor to avoid being contact with the virus and started to adapt to the smart devices to fill int heir free time.

All of us are depending on technology devices to work on our daily activities at home. But if you have many members in your family, then this would be a very high cost to buy so many devices at one time. So what’s the alternative that we have? It would definitely be a device that is affordable but could also fulfil all our requirements to work on our daily stuffs.

Tablets has been one of the most sought after devices besides laptop int he market now for this purpose. But most of the tablets in the markets were also not cheap. It would be a challenge if we would like to look for a tablet device that is below RM 800.

I guess Samsung had heard us. Last month they had launched its new mid-range tablet to the market. This tablets is one of the youngest among its tablets series with affordable price but not compromising the features too.

I have a chance to get one of this tablet to test it out and found this device is extremely suitable for light users such as working adults to check on emails, working on some files, kids to do their online learning and playing some games and also for elder to read ebooks, watch movies and YouTubes.

Check out my unboxing and review on this tablet on the video below.

With the price of RM 699, this is one of the most affordable and safe tablet that is available in the market as of now. To know more or purchase the Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite, check out :

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