Flying with British Airway to London [Travel Vlog 59] 搭乘英國航空公司飛往倫敦的航班

This is a memories of me taking the British Airways during October 2019. This is. ot the first time I have been taking British Airway. About 10 years ago, I had flew with British Airways before. At the time, I still remember that i was greeted with many friendly elderly air stewards. It gaves me an typical British feels when flying with them.

After 10 years, the airway has improves quite a lot. From elderly air stewards to more younger air stewards and the food that they served were also slightly more onto the international meals.

You might be wondering, maybe it’s because of the different places tha we flew from. There were possibilities but Indid remember that I flew in from the same country but in a different part of it only 🤔

10 years ago, I did not have a YouTube Channel to share but this time I had a chance to record it down here.

The flight had a food landing despite an small planer and the food was nice. For those who have chance to fly within Europe, you might want to consider flying with British Airways too as the ticket price was a budget one plus the food is good!

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