A walk in Baden Old Town [Travel Vlog 28] 在巴登旧城区散步

At first I doubt my decision to visit Baden, Switzerland. Some might know I am not a country city fans. I like more on metropolitan feel. But after I have visited Baden, it totally has changed my mind on old town. The feeling that I get from this small old town was great. The qi at this area was good too. As the Thermal Bath was under renovation and will only be opening in 2-3 years time, we have resort to Thermal Bench which is located besides the Baden river. The half day tour has makes me feel home and I do really wish to go back to Baden someday. Maybe I should try to go back in 3 years time after their Thermal Bath has reopened. If you would like to check out the accommodations nearby, visit https://t.productlink.io/a15ivx

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