Free Ferry Ride in Amsterdam [Travel Vlog 100] 阿姆斯特丹免费渡轮之旅

Amsterdam is renowned for its unique charm and vibrant culture, but perhaps the most striking aspect of this city is its relationship with bicycles. Here, bikes outnumber people, and cycling is an integral part of daily life. With more than 881,000 bicycles in a city with a population slightly less, it’s evident that the bike truly is king in Amsterdam.

The city’s infrastructure is meticulously designed to prioritize cyclists. This bike-friendly urban planning is evident in the hundreds of kilometers of dedicated bike paths that crisscross Amsterdam, making it one of the safest and easiest places to cycle in the world. The extensive network of paths, totaling 400 kilometers, ensures that cyclists from all socio-economic groups can navigate the city with ease. This is complemented by Amsterdam’s compact size and flat terrain, which further encourage the use of bicycles over cars.

Driving an automobile in Amsterdam is not only inconvenient but also actively discouraged. The city’s layout and regulations favor cyclists, making car travel a less attractive option. As a result, bicycles have become the preferred mode of transportation for both residents and visitors alike.

Experiencing Amsterdam’s Free Ferry Service

For those new to Amsterdam, the city offers another delightful surprise: a free ferry service that connects various parts of the city. As we headed to our hotel, we decided to take advantage of this convenient mode of transportation.

The ferry service operates across the River IJ, providing a crucial link for pedestrians, cyclists, and mopeds. These blue-and-white ferries can be found directly behind Amsterdam Central Station, offering frequent and free rides to and from Amsterdam Noord and NDSM. Digital countdown boards at all the stops keep passengers informed about the arrival times of the next ferry, ensuring minimal waiting time.

The ferry ride itself is a pleasant experience. The outdoor walkway is designed for both bikes and pedestrians, leading to an open-air area at the other end of the ferry. Here, passengers can enjoy the scenic views of the Amsterdam river and the surrounding cityscape. As we enjoyed the ride, we conversed with some locals and discovered that the ferry service is free—a charming aspect of Amsterdam’s commitment to accessible transportation.

For those who prefer to stay indoors, the ferry also features an enclosed section. This area is perfect for escaping the elements, whether it be the cold wind or rain. Inside, there are designated seating areas for pedestrians and standing spaces for cyclists and other passengers.

A Unique Urban Experience

Amsterdam’s dedication to cycling and its innovative ferry system highlight the city’s commitment to creating an accessible and environmentally friendly urban environment. Whether you’re riding one of the city’s countless bicycles or enjoying a free ferry ride across the River IJ, Amsterdam offers a unique and delightful experience for all who visit.

In this city, the blend of practicality and charm ensures that transportation is not just about getting from point A to point B, but also about enjoying the journey itself.

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