Transforming Everyday Tasks with Galaxy AI

Transforming Everyday Tasks with Galaxy AI KV

Have you ever felt like you were caught in a time loop? Your phone does exactly what it’s been doing for the past few generations… you play the same games, watch the same shows, take the same photos, and around and around and back again it goes. Well, if you’ve always wanted to live differently, achieve differently, and win differently, doing the same thing over and over again won’t get you there…

It’s time for something different and Galaxy AI offers a radically upgraded user experience by putting the smart back into smartphones, letting you achieve more by doing less.

The World at Your Fingertips

Our phones are a window to everything that the world has to offer — new passions to discover, important problems to solve, loved ones to spoil with the perfect gift, new skills to learn and so much more. But when you’re in the thick of discovery or exploration, grabbing a screenshot, switching to another app and uploading that image for more information can throw more than just a spanner into the works and wreck the spontaneity of discovery.

Thanks to Circle to Search with Google on the Galaxy S24 series. However, you can now truly stay present in the present, uninterrupted. With a simple gesture, select what you’re curious about in whatever way comes naturally to you and get more information right where you are.

Transforming Everyday Tasks with Galaxy AI KV

Don’t Blame it on the ‘gram

Is that an eyelash floating on the foam of your perfect cup of latte? Nope, it’s just a stray hair that blew right over your camera lens. I think you might have forgotten to shave. Nope, the light hit me weird and left me with a five-o clock shadow. Can we get everyone back into the group shot, I need to take that picture again? Also nope, some of us have already left and couldn’t you have sneezed at a better time? Grabbing the perfect snap can be a thing of great beauty, and much frustration. Thanks to Galaxy AI however, the era of smartphone photography is now officially split into before and after the Galaxy S24 series. Photo Assist features like background fill, object re-composition, edit suggestion and instant slow-mo takes the guesswork and unpredictability out of smartphone photography, leaving you with a photograph as perfect as you want it to be.

Galaxy S24 series

You Better WERK!

To werk means to execute and perform at one’s greatest ability no matter the situation… which is the perfect description for the suite of Galaxy AI-enabled features in Note Assist. By bringing AI to the Notes app, the Galaxy S24 supercharges functionality to levels thus far unmatched by its predecessors with tasks that include the auto-formatting of notes with headers, bullet points, and paragraphs, summarising of notes to see what they’re about, generating covers based on note content, correcting spelling and grammar and even translate text in your notes. These features are even more useful for the Galaxy S24 Ultra which is more than capable of transcribing the scribbles that only you can (barely) read after the fact. In short, work hard, work smart or work the Galaxy S24 series way… it’s your choice.

Galaxy S24 series

Texting… But Make it Fashion

Trust the Galaxy S24 series to turn something as mundane as texting into a work of art. Chat Assist leverages on-device AI to not only review texts that you’re about to send and rewrite them in an appropriate tone but also clean up your grammar and spelling, so that the message you send to your employer doesn’t sound like a piece of gossip you’d send to your friends.

Chat Assist can do much more than that too. The Galaxy AI feature also helps you to translate texts into one of 17 different languages including variations — which is great for cross-border, multi-cultural collaborations.

Galaxy S24plus

Upgrade to Galaxy S24 Series Today!

Users upgrading their device to the Galaxy S24 series before 30th of April 2024 will enjoy a slew of deals including

  • Up to additional RM650 enhanced trade in
  • Free Galaxy Watch6 (44mm) worth RM1,199
  • Up to RM800 PWP on selected Galaxy Wearables, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Buds
  • Up to 45% off on Samsung Care+ & Accessories

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