Nas Summit Asia 2023: Government Recognition and AI Hacks[Live Vlog 41] 2023 年 Nas 亚洲峰会:政府认可和人工智能黑客

Earlier of this month, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Nas Summit Asia in Singapore at the Suntec City Convention Center. As a content creator, I was eager to learn from successful individuals in the industry and gain insights into the ever-evolving world of content creation. Here’s a glimpse into the enriching experience and valuable lessons I gathered during this summit.

Day 1: Morning Sessions

The conference kicked off with a warm welcome and a delightful breakfast, setting the tone for an engaging day ahead. The first session, “Here’s Why Creators are Important Even for Government,” by Singapore’s Asst Executive Chief Justin Ang, highlighted the government’s recognition of the content creator and influencer industry’s economic impact.

Nas Company CEO shared the inspiring story of Nas Daily’s evolution, emphasizing the importance of diversifying income streams in “How to Build a Creator Business in 2024.” The morning continued with an interactive “Get Roasted” session, where Nas invited creators to review their social media channels live, providing valuable insights into content improvement.

The afternoon delved into leveraging social media platforms, featuring Meta’s Global Partnership Director. Top creators, including Marc Klok, Alodia Quimbo, Golf, and Khan Vy, shared their success stories in brand building during a dialog session.

Day 1: Afternoon Sessions

After a fulfilling lunch, a diverse set of creators, such as Amit Malawi, Swapneal Kalyankar, Nikki Jurado, and Novel Chan, shared their monetization strategies in a dialog session. A thought-provoking debate on “Will AI Steal Your Job as a Creator?” followed, featuring Ansh Mehra and Aruoshi Murthy representing different perspectives.

The day continued with insights from influencers like Hendric Tay, Regev Nur, and Revant Himatsingka, covering topics ranging from solo travel experiences to brand expectations and the impact of social media on government awareness.

Rachana Ranade’s financial sharing on “How Not to Go Bankrupt as a Creator” provided practical advice for sustainable growth, concluding with Nas in a dialog with Alodia Quimbo on her journey from playing video games online to managing a lucrative content team.

Day 2: Morning Sessions

The second day commenced with a session by Singapore’s renowned Food Blogger, Miss Tam Chiak, sharing her journey and current projects. For B2B-focused creators, Jingjin Liu discussed leveraging LinkedIn, while Ng Kai Yun explored strategies to capture audiences with engaging 20-minute videos.

Akshay from Solana Foundation shared insights on better monetization through platforms like Patreon and YouTube Memberships. The morning session wrapped up with diverse perspectives on content creation.

Day 2: Afternoon Sessions

Post-lunch, a dialog session with Singapore content creators Ridhwan Azman, Darshen, Sharon Ng, and Weronika explored the question, “Should You Only Make Content in Singapore?” Financial Content Creators Kevin, Chris Chong, Reggie, and Jako de Leon discussed smart investment choices.

Jean Voronkova’s sharing on “When to Say No to More Money” addressed the crucial aspect of balance in a creator’s journey. The final sessions included another “Get Roasted” with Nuseir Yassin and a presentation by Ash Mehra on “How to Hack AI to Create Better Content.”


The Nas Summit Asia 2023 was an enriching experience, providing a platform for creators to learn, share, and network. The diverse range of sessions, dialogues, and debates underscored the multifaceted nature of content creation in today’s digital landscape. As we wrapped up the conference with insights from Tal Abiker and Robin Smiles, it became evident that content has the power to transform lives and bring smiles to faces—a true testament to the impact and potential of creators in our global community.

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