Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Review [Review Vlog 50] 三星 Galaxy Tab S7 FE 评测

Travelling is one of the dream that I always had in mind. During the lockdown, our movement has been greatly restricted. This doesn’t stop me from dreaming of travelling. I’m using this time to look for the best way to travel light without compromising on my comfortability and the ability to work whenever I would like to.

Hence searching for the best device to bring around would be one of the mission during this time too. As many of you guys are aware that I love tech stuffs and can’t live without it. After acquiring Samsung’s mobiles, earbuds, watch and also Tab A7 Lite (mini version of the tablet to try out). I have decided it’s time for me to fully get into their Samsung’s ecosystem. To invest in their Galaxy Tab S7 FE. It’s a mid-range tablet that has all the necessary features that we need from it’s premium’s tablet but with a lower cost.

Of course they do cut some corners to make the cost lower. Since I had review before the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+. I would like to share with you in this video, what is the features Samsung have remain on the Galaxy S7 FE and what is the difference between both of this table. Check out the details in this video below:

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