The Advantage of Samsung Galaxy A22 4G LTE

We can hardly imagine today, that there were once our smartphones are without LTE and we may not be able to find many smartphones without 5G in a few years’ time. But at this point, Samsung pursues a two-pronged approach, offering several of its mid-range smartphones in one version with 4G and another with 5G. In this way, those who don’t need a superfast mobile connection can still save some money, or can they?

Well, if you actually compare the current Internet prices of the Galaxy A22 4G and Galaxy A22 5G, the savings are marginal at most. But at least the Samsung Galaxy A22 4G that we are evaluating in more detail in this test is more compact than its 5G sibling and also brings an AMOLED screen and some improvements in the camera. So is this a real alternative?

Here are some of the advantages of the Galaxy A22 4G compare to the Galaxy A22 5G that we think might be useful for all.

The Design

Overall, the case looks a little simpler than that of the Galaxy A22 5G, and the reflective back cover that is made from fairly ordinary plastic is available in white, black, and pale violet color. The case appears fairly robust and the material transitions are clean. The rounded corners help the Galaxy smartphone to feel good when holding it in the hand.

At 6.4 inches, the smartphone is noticeably smaller and lighter than its 5G version, which should benefit those with smaller hands. There is also a MicroSD slot, giving you the option to expand the storage significantly. This is a dedicated slot, so that you can additionally use two SIM cards. It also provides a 3.5mm jack connector for wired earphones.

In our test transferring data to the microSD, the Samsung Galaxy A22 4G performs at eye level with its 5G sibling and overall quite fast

The Screen

Compared to its 5G sibling, the large advantage of the Galaxy A22 4G version could be the AMOLED screen while you only be getting the Full HD TFT panel on Galaxy A22 5G.

The Camera

In terms of the cameras, if you compare the equipment specified for the Samsung Galaxy A22 4G and Galaxy A22 5G, at first glance you might think that they have an identical camera system. However, if you take a closer look you might see some differences: while the Galaxy A22 4G also brings a 48-Megapixel camera, it offers optical image stabilization, which is not available in the 5G version. In addition, the wide-angle lens has a slightly higher resolution and there is a dedicated macro lens, even if it only has a 2-Megapixel resolution.

So overall, the camera system of the 4G version is even more flexible and better protected from blurry results, as long as you use the main camera. Videos can be recorded at a maximum of Full-HD resolution and 30 fps, which is a limitation compared to the 5G model where at least 2K was possible. Instead, the autofocus appears to be more reliable.

The Performance

OneUI 3.1, which is based on Android 11, is preinstalled on the Samsung Galaxy A22 4G. Samsung’s in-house software interface is designed so that all the important operational elements are located at the bottom part of the screen, allowing even those with small hands to operate the smartphone as comfortably as possible.

When gaming, the Galaxy A22 4G proves that significantly more than 60 fps are quite possible in 2D games even in this price class. In terms of controlling the game, the Galaxy A22 4G strikes a decent figure. The touchscreen responds quickly and reliably, and the position sensor also does its job well.

The Battery

In terms of battery life, there is hardly any difference between the 4G and 5G versions of the Galaxy A22. While both are able to get a lot of battery life out of their 5000-mAh batteries, their strengths lie in different scenarios. The Galaxy A22 4G lasts slightly longer in our WLAN test, and Galaxy A22 5G shows more endurance while handling more demanding tasks. However, the differences are very small overall. In the overall comparison, both smartphones do a fairly good job.

Overall the Galaxy A22 4G LTE is a good phone in the economic category, especially the Super AMOLED screen, although the display resolution is not the best, it equips with good cameras and also a giant battery for longer us.

The Samsung Galaxy A22 4G LTE comes with a dash of awesome pastel colors capture attention and adds a flourish of beauty to your everyday style – Violet, Gray, and Mint. It is available at Recommended Retail Price of RM899. Get your hands on it while stocks last!

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