How to Make Baba Nyonya Style Sambal Chillies [Life Vlog 22] 如何制作峇峇娘惹的参巴辣椒

Nothing beats mum’s cooking. That was the common feeling that we have as an Asian. We always looking forward to go back to our hometown or places where our parents are living just to meet them and eat the comfort foods that they prepared with love for us. 

But what if one day they are no more longer with us? How can we get back the foods that have the taste of our home? It is hard to get back the same taste if we do not start learning how to cook their way when they are still around.  

Most of the favourite food that my mum cooks for us comes from one common ingredient. That is her sambal chillie. The sambal chillie that my mum cooks actually are the Baba & Nyonya Style that she had learned from her mother; my grandmother which is a Nyonya.

This sambal chillie that she makes could cooks many types of dishes such as Sambal Chillie Chicken Petai, Ikan Goreng Sambal Sumbat and many more. 

Realizing this issue, I have taken this opportunity to get my mum to teach me how to make the sambal chillie her way while my mum is here with me. At the same time, I wanted to record her teaching down so that I would be able to refer back in the future.

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