Peak Design Everyday Zip 15L Review [Review Vlog 25] Peak Design Everyday Zip 15L评测

After sharing my favourite sling bag, there were some request for me to review Peak Design’s backpack. Coincidentally I am also using Peak Design’s Everyday Zip 15L backpack for my shooting and travel trips. 

This video I have specially recorded for those who wanted to know what do I think about Peak Design’s backpack. I had a Love and Hate issues with Peak Design all these while because I Love their comfortability, functionaly and design but I do Hate it because the price was so high! 

But eventually I have decided to get the Peak design because it has a lifetime warranty on their bags which could help me save coe of my backpack money once it is worn out. If you would like me to do more bags review, please do support me by liking my video and subscribe to my channel on the subscribe link above. Truly appreciates your time and support.

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