HeimVision HMD2 Battery Powered Smart Camera [Review Vlog 16] 电池供电的智能相机 (2020)

In garage we often keep our valuable tools in it and besides planting flowers in gardens, we normally will also plants herbs, vegetables and fruits in our garden too. We might hear some sounds comes from our garden or garage and we would like to know what is happening there. These were the time that we could need a security cam. But in our gardens and garage might not have any power plug for us to power on the security cam.

So how? There is a good news I’ve got this HMD2 is operated by a build in rechargeable battery that enables the security cam to run on the battery. With a 6000mAh rechargeable battery, Heimvision HMD2 can last up to 4 months (ten motion records per day).

It can also be used togather with HeomVision additional accessory; Solar Panel. This video is to share how the HMD2 Battery Powered Smart Camera works and hope that it could give you some ideas which Smart Security Cameras to look out for if you are away for a long period of time. This wire-free battery powered outdoor security camera takes less than 5 minutes to set up without having to use any complicated tools.

It comes with a magnetic mount and double-sided adhesive tape, allowing you to install it anywhere you want. HeimVision HMD2 could be purchase at USD 63.99 (approx RM 277) at https://www.heimvision.com/products/heimvision-hmd2-wireless-rechargeable-battery-security-camera The HeimVision HMS1Solar Panel could also be found at: https://www.heimvision.com/products/heimvision-hmd2-wireless-rechargeable-battery-security-camera for USD 35.99 (approx RM 173)

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