Shopping Day in Brussels [Travel Vlog 98] 布鲁塞尔购物日

Before we leave the city, we had decided to go for a walk in the city and shop in Brussels. In this video, I will be sharing some of the famous places and shopping in the city that we had went.

The first stop that we went were the Agora squate craft market. In the late 1980s, a handful of artisans and painters created a small craft market around Charles Buls’ fountain on place Agora. They wanted to show that craft is an expression of contemporary creativity by offering unique, expressive and original pieces far removed from “soulless” industrial objects.

Over time, the market has gradually developed around a core of professional artisans. From Friday to Sunday (from 11:00am to 07:00pm), they showcase true craftsmanship by offering quality products such as glass and paper jewellery, ceramics, illustrations, animal sculptures and original candles and perfumes, in booths decorated with the city’s colours. Located in the heart of Brussels, this site delights experienced bargain hunters and curious strollers alike!

We then visited the Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries: It’s a heritage arcades in the heart of the Belgian capital. The Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries are inscribed on UNESCO’s tentative list as part of Brussels’ cultural heritage. They were designed and built in 1846-7 by Jean-Pierre Cluysenaer and comprise 2 main sections: the King’s gallery and the Queen’s gallery. There’s also a smaller side gallery called the Prince’s gallery.

Ornate storefronts flank a central space beneath an arched glazed roof that floods the arcade with light. It’s a magnificent place to come and shop, or simply wander through and admire the splendid architecture.

There were shops sellings chocolates and some with beautiful custom made chocolates and macaroons attracting kids or maybe even for adults. There were also beautiful decorations that can be used as toys or as home decorations. Checknout this giraffe, it’s so huge and beautiful.

There were also clothing shops, footwears and of course accessories shops such as Longchamp handbags, hats, Rolex watches, spectacles, jewelries, jewelries, and more jewelries. They even have arts souvenirs shops and restaurants

We then walk over to the Anspach Shopping Center. This Anspach Shopping Center is one of the biggest and most popular shopping centers in Brussels, Belgium. Located in the heart of the city, it offers five levels of shops, cinemas, and restaurants.

The shops include major department stores, boutiques and specialty stores such as Sephora, Zara, and H&M. The center has a variety of restaurants, from sushi and Chinese to fast food chains like McDonalds, KFCs and many more

Next Place we are heading towards the Boulevard de Waterloo. Boulevard de Waterloo is an upscale shopping strip in Brussels that extends from Porte Louise to the Porte de Namur. Together with Avenue Louise, it has a reputation for retail quality, though that naturally comes with a hefty price tag.

If anything, Boulevard de Waterloo is an upmarket shopping street that’s even more impressive than its neighbouring streets. It boasts stores such as Ralph Lauren, Tiffany, Gucci, Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani and other similarly aspirational brands. Window shopping along this tree-lined avenue is a pleasure, and it costs nothing to dream.

The final destination for the day, we will be going over to the bussiest shopping street in Brussles: the Porte De Namur

We had took a train ride over to this place. The Porte de Namur is one of the gates of the second wall around Brussels built in the fourteenth century and destroyed in the late eighteenth century. It was once called Nouvelle Porte du Coudenberg, as opposed to the old one situated at the first wall that connected the Rue Entre deux Portes (the current rue de Namur) and the Chemin d’Ixelles (currently the chaussée d’Ixelles).

Today the district of Porte de Namur is a busiest shopping center, less elitist than in the past and one of the liveliest areas of the city. The chaussée d’Ixelles has the standard clothing and fast-food brands.

One of the our favourite place were Primark! Since we had been to Primark London and Spain, we definitely wouldn’t want to missed out Primark in Brussels. Here are some of the things offered there.

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