First Look at Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Samsung has just introduced the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series, which is their latest type of smartwatch that uses Wear OS. This smartwatch comes in two styles, has many improvements, and brings back the Classic design with a twistable edge. Although it looks similar to older models, there are good changes inside that will make it better for everyday use and for people who want to use it a lot.

Design: The Galaxy Watch 6 looks a bit the same, but it’s better. It’s easier to change the watch bands now – there’s a button that lets you do it easily. It’s not complicated. The smaller one weighs about 28 grams, and the bigger one is around 33 grams. It can handle water and is tough too. You can wear it in the shower, at the pool, or even in the sea.

Screen: The screen on the Galaxy Watch 6 is nice. It’s a bit bigger, 1.3 inches or 1.5 inches. Even though it’s bigger, the edges around the screen are thinner. This is cool because it has a bigger battery inside, but the watch is not thicker.

Specifications: This Galaxy Watch 6 is one of the first watches with Google’s new Wear OS 4 system. This is great because it means the watch will get better over time. It’s faster now – apps open 18% quicker. Switching between apps is easier because they added more memory (2GB). This makes the watch work well and do things faster.

Battery: The battery in the new Galaxy Watch 6 is a bit better. The big watch has a battery that’s a bit bigger, and the small one has a battery that’s better too. This is cool because the watch can last longer without needing to charge.

What’s in the Box: The Galaxy Watch 6 comes in a box, like a present. Inside, the watch is nestled flatly, with an accompanying narrow box housing the wireless charging puck sporting a USB Type-A connector.

Our Opinion: The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is good. It’s strong and can handle scratches and being hit. It’s also waterproof and can go down deep in the water. It’s light, so it’s easy to wear every day. It works well with Google’s new system – it’s fast and smooth. The battery is better, so it can last longer.

The Wear OS 4 is what the Galaxy Watch 6 runs on, and it works with both Android and iOS devices. It has a number of ways to track your health, such as tracking your heart rate, SpO2, and ECG. It also has a number of fitness tracking features, such as GPS, tracking for swimming, and tracking for sleep. The Galaxy Watch 6 is a great smartwatch for people who want a device that looks good and has a lot of features. It’s also a good choice for people who want a smartwatch that’s focused on health and fitness.

Sizes and Options:

You can get the Galaxy Watch 6 in different sizes – 44mm and 40mm. You can pick Graphite or Gold colors. There’s also a choice between Bluetooth or LTE, which helps it connect to the internet.

If you order early, you get some extra things for free, like a special band, a power adapter, and a charger. This offer is available if you order from Samsung’s Malaysia Official Website before August 17, 2023. For more details, visit

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