Trying out World’s Best Airline the Singapore Airlines [Travel Vlog 88] 尝试世界最佳航空公司新加坡航空

Today we are going to check out Singapore Airlines long flight from Malaysia to London. Singapore Airlines has recently been awarded the prestigious title of World’s Best Airline at the 2023 World Airline Awards, marking its fifth win in the 23-year history of the awards.

This is my first experience with Singapore Airlines, and I’m excited to share my initial impressions with all of you. As Singapore Airlines is the national carrier of Singapore, we had a layover at Singapore Airport before our direct flight to London.

We boarded one of their SQ series planes for the short journey to Singapore Airport. Although it was a smaller aircraft designed for shorter distances, the flight took just about an hour to reach Singapore Changi Airport.

At first glance, the seats appeared to be comfortable, with ample legroom. I was pleasantly surprised to find a large screen, which is a great feature for such a small aircraft.

Additionally, there were several convenient amenities in front of us, including hooks, USB-C ports, an iPad port, microphone port, remote control, and a cup holder. The traditional pocket holder and foldable table were also present, allowing us to enjoy our meals or work comfortably.

The toilets were clean and well-maintained, similar in size to those on MAS Airlines, but with the added convenience of amenities like toothbrushes.

Upon arrival, we had to transfer from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2 via a train. The airport was vast, and we had to cover quite a distance within a short timeframe to reach our gate.

During the next leg of our journey, which was a longer flight, the seats were more spacious and comfortable. Pillows and blankets were provided, ensuring a cozy experience.

Similar to the SQ flight, this A series aircraft featured a monitor, cup holder, remote control, hook, earphone jack, iPad and USB-C ports, foldable table, and a pocket. I had the chance to test out the cup holder, and it worked well. Shortly after take-off, we were served a pack of snacks and a refreshing drink.

Approximately two hours into the flight, we received our main meal. I opted for the Beef Rendang Biryani with side dishes, but I found the vegetables to be somewhat soggy. My mom tried the Baked Tomato Fettuccini, which she considered average in taste.

One surprising aspect was that Singapore Airlines used stainless steel utensils of excellent quality. To conclude the meal service, we were treated to a delicious yogurt ice cream. At the middle of the flight, I visited the lavatory, which was slightly larger than the one on the SQ plane. However, there were no toothbrushes available here for passengers to use.

Feeling hungry, we requested instant noodles, and the flight attendant promptly and courteously assisted us. About two hours prior to landing, our final meal was served. I chose the Beef Pasta, which was satisfactory, while my mom opted for the Sweet and Sour Fish with Fried Rice. Unfortunately, she found the fish to be less fresh, and the overall taste of the dish was somewhat off.

Overall, I must admit that I was somewhat disappointed with the flight, particularly in terms of the food quality. My mom shared the same sentiment. Nevertheless, I’ve heard that Singapore Airlines is actively working to improve their culinary offerings, so let’s keep an eye out for any positive changes in the future.

While I may consider flying with Singapore Airlines again, it won’t be in the immediate future.

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