Cha Lom Restaurant Hatyai Highly Rated Thai Restaurant [Food Vlog 36] Cha Lom Restaurant 合艾评价最高的泰国餐厅

Cha Lom Restaurant

Cha Lom Restaurant which is located in in Songkhla Haytai is one of the award recipient of the Thai SELECT. It’s a mark of certification awarded by the Ministry of Commerce, the Royal Thai Government to guarantee the authentic Thai taste of Thai food products and Thai restaurants in Thailand and overseas.

You can’t find much details about this restaurant online. But while we re researching for local Thaifoods in Hatyai, we had accidentally found them. For our meal there, we had ordered; Stir Fried Pork, Stir Fried, Stink bean with Shrimp, Thai Chicken with Coconut Soup, Stir Fried Melinjo with Eggs and a recommended Fish served with Tamarind Sauce by the owner.

Overall this was the best meal that we had in Thailand so far. Check out my video to know more about the restaurant and foods.

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