BMW Motorrad Malaysia unveils the New BMW R 1250 R and New BMW R 1250 RS.

Powered by the legendary BMW boxer engine, the latest edition of the models have been refined to deliver the ultimate sporty, dynamic touring experience.

BMW Motorrad Malaysia today unveiled the New BMW R 1250 R and New BMW R 1250 RS, bring a suite of innovative features that complement the dynamic nature of the exceptional sports tourers.

Hans de Visser, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia said, “BMW Motorrad’s illustrious heritage has been forged through a century of relentless innovation, delivering sophisticated and powerful advancements tailored to the diverse desires of motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. In Malaysia, we revel in the motorcycling passion that we share with local two-wheel enthusiasts, which fuels our determination to broaden our range of curated motorcycles for every segment.”

He added, “With great enthusiasm, we proudly unveil a new era for the exhilarating sports touring segment, embracing the spirit of Make Life a Ride that has fuelled us for 100 years. The New BMW R 1250 R and BMW R 1250 RS push boundaries with new technological advancements, which in combination with our legendary boxer engine and iconic silhouettes, further outline our unparalleled expertise in the realm of sports touring.”

The New BMW R 1250 R continues the success story of the purist roadster from BMW Motorrad. It now presents itself in an impressively honed and advanced form to provide even more roadster pleasure for riding on winding country roads solo or with a pillion. The New BMW R 1250 RS, on the other hand, lives up to the legacy of “RS”, which has stood for sports touring par excellence. With more innovation and sophistication, it promises to deliver the ultimate sporty, dynamic touring experience.

Innovations and features designed for dynamic riding.

As sport tourers, the New BMW R 1250 R and New BMW R 1250 RS are standard equipped with the BMW Integral ABS Pro, a braking system that offers more safety even when leaning into bends. Also included as standard is the Dynamic Brake Control (DBC), which provides additional support during emergency braking manoeuvres through preventing unintentional throttle activation. This is achieved through intervention in the engine control, reducing drive torque during braking so as to make full use of the braking power at the rear wheel. The result is greater stability and shortened braking distancea

The New BMW R 1250 R
The New BMW R 1250 R

Besides that, the New BMW R 1250 R and New BMW R 1250 RS are also equipped with Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) as standard, ensuring excellent traction and a high level of riding safety. Alongside that is the standard inclusion of Riding Modes Pro, which provides additional individually configurable riding modes, each with various functionalities. For example, in “PRO” riding mode, the dynamic engine brake control (MSR) functionality assists the rider in safely avoiding unstable riding conditions that can occur during coasting or downshifting, due to excessive brake slip at the rear wheel. The new “ECO” riding mode, on the other hand, maximises fuel efficiency by utilising a soft throttle curve and moderate engine torque limitation, which is achieved through the innovative BMW ShiftCam engine technology.

At the heart of the New BMW R 1250 R and New BMW R 1250 RS is an air/liquid-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine – its displacement of 1,254 cm3 capable of delivering 100 kW (136 PS) and 143 Nm of torque. Here, the BMW ShiftCam technology comes into play as well, allowing for varying valve timing and valve lift on the intake side. The result is an engine that delivers power smoothly cross the entire speed range, while maintaining outstanding fuel consumption and emission values.

For connectivity and navigation on the New BMW R 1250 R and New BMW R 1250 RS, a TFT colour display is included as standard, featuring excellent readability, clear menu navigation and a highly integrated operating concept. Customised screen displays can be selected for different purposes, including the “Sports” Core Screen, which provides real-time information about the current and maximum lean angle as well as control interventions – such as ABS Pro or DTC. A 12-volt on-board power socket plus an additional USB-A socket with a 5-volt power supply allows for smartphone charging on the ride, with fast charging capabilities depending on the smartphone. The Intelligent Emergency Call is also a standard feature for providing rapid assistance in emergencies.

Further completing the equipment list are the Comfort, Touring and Dynamic packages that are included as standard for both the New BMW 1250 R and New BMW R 1250 RS. The Comfort package is inclusive of Keyless Ride, design option silencer, chrome-plated header pipe, heated grips and tyre pressure control. The Touring package includes preparation for GPS device, cruise control, main stand and case holders on the left and right. Meanwhile, the Dynamic Package includes safety and performance features, such as the Dynamic ESA and Shift Assistant Pro, in addition to the previously mentioned MSR (dynamic engine brake control) and Riding Modes Pro. A luggage grid is also equipped as standard for both models.

The New BMW R 1250 R and New BMW R 1250 RS are available in Sport and Triple Black model variants, each with unique body colours. The Sport variant of the New BMW R 1250 R is available in Racingblue, while its Triple Black variant is available in Blackstorm. Meanwhile, the Sport variant of the New BMW R 1250 RS is available in Lightwhite, Racingblue and Racingred, while its Triple Black variant is available in Blackstorm.

Financial Services.

With the Financing Plan from BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia, ownership of the New BMW R 1250 R and New BMW R 1250 RS starts from RM1,398.00 per month and RM1,448.00 per month respectively (based on the Balloon Financing estimates of an 80% loan on a 4-year tenure). Owners can also enjoy additional benefits with the Industry-Leading Premium Engine Oil Inclusive, Service Inclusive and Warranty Extension Programmes by BMW Motorrad Malaysia. For more information on the programmes, please visit

The retail price (on the road, with BMW Motorrad Malaysia’s All-New 3-Year Warranty and 3-Year Roadside Assistance Programmes, without insurance) for the New BMW R 1250 R and New BMW R 1250 RS are:

The New BMW R 1250 R                      RM 114,500.00

The New BMW R 1250 RS                     RM 118,500.00

For more information on the New BMW R 1250 R and New BMW R 1250 RS, stay tuned to the BMW Motorrad Malaysia website here.

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