The New Heart of Your Intelligent Home

The New Heart of Your Intelligent Home

If your kitchen was once considered the heart of the traditional home, then the pulse of the intelligent home today beats through your Samsung Smart TV. With a wide array of apps, functions and features conveniently accessed through just one screen, your Samsung Smart TV makes working and living smart a breeze – giving you the freedom to seize every moment that matters to you.

The Art of Being Smart

If working smart trumps working hard, then your Samsung Smart TV will guarantee your position as captain of your team every single time. Through SmartThings Home, your Samsung Smart TV gives you complete control of the inner workings of your life by connecting every compatible smart appliance –your air-conditioning, fridge, oven, washer and dryer, vacuum, air purifier – into a seamless, cohesive ecosystem. This means getting all the mundane chores done – the meal planning and cooking, the laundry and the dishwashing, the air conditioning and mood lighting – without breaking a sweat. This means coming home from the office to a house that’s clean and comfortable, with meals waiting to be served and eaten, to the accompaniment of your favourite music or TV show. This means a home that can take care of itself, leaving you to take care of you and your loved ones.

Work. Play. Live.

Operating on a work/life balance dichotomy is so yesterday. With cocooning rapidly becoming the new paradigm of living, leading a full, meaningful life is where it’s all at and you’ll find in your Samsung Smart TV your perfect companion.

Ready to be entertained? Samsung’s Smart Hub on your TV combines your favourite content from apps like Netflix and YouTube into a one-stop source so you spend more time watching, not searching. Working from home? Just leave your PC at work since Workspace on your Samsung Smart TV connects to the PC wirelessly. And with Microsoft 365 available via Workspace, you can work on documents or do group activities all remotely and easily. Can’t live without your phone? Connecting your phone and Samsung Smart TV is as simple as opening the SmartThings app or tapping the TV with your phone. Once connected, you can easily mirror your smartphone content on the big screen, or even see what’s on your phone and TV right next to each other so you don’t miss a thing.

The New Heart of Your Intelligent Home

Upgrade your way of living with Samsung’s wide range of Smart TVs. With advanced features, stunning display quality, and smart home integration, it’s the perfect choice for a premium viewing experience.

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