Guide from Kuala Lumpur to Hatyai with ETS Train [Travel Vlog 76] 乘坐ETS火车从吉隆坡到合艾的指南

ETS Train

I’m so excited guys, this is my first overseas trip after the pandemic. Since was trying to warm up for a further and longer travels, i had decided to pick Hatyai for this round.

I had tried out many trains in the Europe but had never sat any of out local trains before. So since there will be a train (ETS Train) that could transport us over to Hatyai from Kuala Lumpur, I have taken this opportunity to take the train to Hatyai trip this time.

The train ticket could be purchased online or via their counter in KL Sentral. We had purchase our tickets on its KTMB website. Psst….. senior citizen could get half price for any journey if you register them as the user online and get their profile verified (normally withing 3-5 working days) online and then use the login to purchase tickets or just walk in to their KL Sentral counter and show your Identity Card for verification purposes.

Many had an impression that KTMB’s trains were old and slow. But It isn’t actually. In this video, I would like share with you how does the ETS train looks like from the inside. The journey took about 5 hours and 35 mins from KL Sentral to Padang Besar.

We actually scheduled the ETS train timing specially for us to catch the Hatyai Shutter Train. Unfortunately the train were not in operation that day because of the railway damage done by 2 consecutive bombing on their cargo’s train. Upon exiting the train, we had look to cater a car over to Hatyai instead. We had been given a Thai white card to fill up for our Thai Imigresen clearence later on.

We were being brought by a Malaysian Car from the Padang Besar train station over to the Malaysian Imigresion for customs clearing. After exiting the Malaysian Imigresen, we have been greeted with another Thailand Van to send us over to the Thai Imigresen for another round of custom clearance and with the same van, they had transported us directly over to our hotel.

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