Inside LaLaport BBCC before the Official Opening [Life Vlog 37] 正式开幕前在 Lalalport BBCC 内部

LaLaport BBCC Opening Soon

Yesterday I have visited LaLaport BBCC for the first time. The Mall will be officially opened on 20th January 2022 and I have taken the opportunity to walk through some of the mall area to check out what will be available to us next week.

I’ve heard that there are many Japanese brands first in Malaysia outlet will be in this mall including the second outlet for Don Don Donki too! As i love Japanese products because of their technology and quality of the products, this LaLaport BBCC mall is one of the mall that I’m looking forward to visit.

Hence I have walk though a few floors of the mall and realised almost all of the retail outlets were under renovation. This means that this mall would be fully occupied by the tenant in no time. So check out my video sharing on my experience walking in the LaLaport Mall befire it’s officially opened to the public below:

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