Party Food Delivery by Pullman KLCC

While were are staying at home or in the office does not means that our celebrations and party would not be fun. What does “FUN” here means?

As a Malaysian, wherever we go for a celebration or party food will be one of the most important thing to have. It’s ok for not having decorations in an event or party, it’s ok not to have alcohol (not all drinks anyway) in the event and many more. But it would definitely NOT OK if you do not have good food served during the event.



Starting from this month of December, Pullman KLCC will be offering its Party Food Delivery offering their best cuisines in the hotel ranging from Western and Japanese foods wth a wide selection of delivery options available you can choose many options like chicken snack box to takoyaki delivered straight to your door. Pullman KLCC offers 6 types of party boxes catering to different taste buds such as:

1) The sushi platter is always the first dish to be wiped out at any gathering. With the colourful sushi varieties in each of fresh Japanese Sushi Box, this platter is only RM128 for 40 pieces. It’s a fantastic affordable option, that include hanna sushi, ebi pumpkin avocado, salmon mayo, sambal torch and glazed tuna nigiri.


2) You can get a delicious Chicken Snack Box without having to travel a single step. Go for the popular box with sesame barbeque chicken wing, handmade chicken nugget and chicken sausage. 30-piece box at RM55.

3) Enjoy the fresh Pullman Club Box. This layered sandwich, a wide range of flavours, makes a tasty meal in one box of RM45 (10 pcs).

4) Fruits tartlet fans will go crazy over the ever-popular fresh Sedap Fruits Tart Box of 16 pieces at RM45.

5) Takoyaki party, is popular in many areas in Japan where get along event with friends at home. A 20-piece Takoyaki Box is available at RM45.

6) Warm freshly baked croissants are finally a viable option for your dessert menu! Pullman KLCC’s new creation, Flavourful Croissants Box at RM45 (10 pieces).

With the variety to choose from, planning a mouth-watering menu for your celebrations will be an absolute breeze. What’s more, all your food will arrive fresh and ready in an average of 40 minutes.

Whether it is to organise a office department-sized get- together, secret birthday bash or family events  good food is the main and crucial part of every successful party. Hence why not make your events more successful and easier for you by ordering from Pullman KLCC.

Available for self-pick or delivery, daily from 11am to 9pm. FREE DELIVERY for orders above RM100 within 10km radius. Additional RM5 will be charged for every 5km for locations beyond the 10km. Delivery fees for orders less than RM100 are RM5 (1km – 5km) and RM10 (6km – 10km).

For more information or ordering, WhatsApp +6012 303 5958 or email

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