Cooking Mum’s Wan Tan Noodle Recipe [Life Vlog 08] 烹饪妈妈的万丹面食谱

It was not easy to think of what to eat during the lockdown period we have limited resources available. But the thing that I missed the most is my Mum’s Wan Tan Noodles besides her Sambal Petai Prawn. Hence I have decided to cook the Wan Tan Noodles myself based on what my mum has teached me. Eventhough I’m not good in cooking and seldom cook but I guess I should be able to cook this simple dish.

At the sametime, I would also like to record this cooking down so that I could use it as my record in the future Just incase I would like to cook it again and also to share with you my Mum’s Wan Tan Noodles recipe. Below are some of the brands that I’ve used for this cooking:

  1. Taste-Me Oyster Flavoured Sauce:
  3. Ajinamoto:
  4. Gula Kasar Ehsan:

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