My Grandmum’s Story About Melaka River (True Story) [Travel Vlog 13] 我的祖母关于马六甲河的故事 (真人故事)

While I’m walking around Melaka, it brings back some stories that my grandmum have told me. During the 1940s era, when even my dad was not born yet, our family was very poor. The only thing that the female in the families can help are by going to the side of the Melaka River’s warehouse, waiting for the worker there finish transporting the bags of rice into the warehouse.

After they have closed the warehouse door, my grandmum with other families members and friends will be sweeping the floor for the fall over rice. This video is to tell the real life story that my grandmum and families that has gone thru these hardships during the 1940s and 50s.

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