What’s New on Samsung S23 Ultra [Review Vlog 60] 三星 S23 Ultra 的新功能

S23 Ultra

It has been a few weeks the Samsung Galaxy S23 series had launched. I had a chance to get hold of its S23 Ultra’s review unit to try it out. On my first impression, it looks as same as my Galaxy S23 Ultra at the first glance.

After looking longer,I saw some differences on both of the exterior. The Galaxy S22 Ultra has smaller lens compare to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Most probably because of the upgrade of its main camera from 108MP for Galaxy S22 Ultra to 200MP for the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Besides that, it screen curve were also lesser on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. I had realised that this time, Samsung had focus on upgrading not only the flagship camera hardware, but also its software to maximise the potential of a phone camera.

In this video, I had shared about the differences that I had found. I’ve also tested our its camera photo and videos too.

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