Trying out ChokDee DimSum in Hatyai [Food Vlog 33] 在合艾尝试 ChokDee 点心

As a foodie, I will of course search for local nice foods whenever I travel. Trying out local foods would be at the top of my list direct or indirect. As I was researching food in Hatyai, this dim sum restaurant; ChokDee DimSum kept on coming up in my search.

With many highly recommended and positive reviews for this shop, we decided to put this shop into our trip itinerary. When we reach the restaurant, we realized that there was a long queue outside of the shop. This doesn’t come as a surprise since they are so famous offline and online. It makes us even more curious about the dim sums that they offer here.

While waiting for our turn, I galivanting around the street and saw You Char Kueh (fried flour) beside the road near to ChokDee DimSum. The shop owner gave me You Char Kueh to try out. Surprisingly it was super crunchy and good!! Wish to get more of it, but then I remember that we are still waiting for our turn for the dim sums. Hence I have forgone the wish.

After picking up the dim sum, the staff steamed it for us while we look for our designated seats. We had tried out many types of dim sums in the shop including one of their Bak Kut Teh and what I can say is their dim sums were amazing! The bak kut teh is on average as I feel it is not as flavourful as what we had in Malaysia.

Check out my video to see more of ChokDee DimSum

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