Shop at London’s Westfield Stradford City [Travel Vlog 64] 在伦敦的 韋斯特菲爾德斯特拉德城市 购物

westfield stradford city

After having my early lunch at Westfield Stradford City, we had a walk and shop in the shopping mall itself. This is not the first time I’m here. I had always been visiting this shopping mall whenever I was in London because it was the nearest shopping mall to the place I’ve stayed.

There were a few shops that I would like to visit again to check out what I could buy. Among the shops that I had visited on this trip were; Apple Store, Zara, Primark, and also Beauty Base. I wanted to visit Apple Store to look for the cable for my Macbook Pro, Zara to check out their latest designs and price, Primark to get any unique cheap accessories. I love their V Neck inner shirt which is comfortable and I also to get some perfume in Beauty Base.

I did not manage to get the cable that I was looking for but I’ve learned some photo editing skills using iPhone camera apps. It was indeed an interesting one. I’ve also managed to get some perfume for me to bring back home for use too.

Would like you to check out my video to see what does Westfield at Stradford City shopping mall has. I do hope that you find this sharing video useful for you. If you like my sharing, please support me by liking my video and subscribing to my youtube channel. Truly appreciate your time and support.

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