Mum Fully Vaccinated with Sinovac [Life Vlog 34] 妈妈全面接种了科兴疫苗

So fast my mum has taken her first vaccine for 3 weeks already and is her turn again to get her second dose of Sinovac to complete the whole vaccination. Even though i feels the process is almost the same, I still would like to record down this memorable event.

My mum has been fully vaccinated. Since the pandemic is something rare and hard to happen. It would also be a memory of a lifetime for everyone who is living in this world at this time. I’m happy that my mum is now fully vaccinated and all she needs to do is to stay at home for 3 months and the vaccine would take full effect from there on.

We would not know what will happen in the future. Whether the Covid19 virus would mutate again and we need to get another vaccine or it’s going to end soon. Nevertheless, lets hope for the best and praying this pandemic would end soon. Take care everyone.

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