My First Dose of Sinovac [Life Vlog 33] 我的第一劑科兴疫苗

Sometimes things comes when you lease expected it. Previously I was checking my Mysejahtera everyday hopping my vaccination appointment arrives soon but apparently it didn’t.

While I was super busy for the past few months and even now, I have received a notification on my vaccination appointment. It was something that makes me happy during this busy time. As I will be vaccinated in a vacination center instead of private clinic that my mum had, I was thinking to record my experience down and share with everyone how the whole process goes if we are getting our vaccine in such a large vaccination center.

At first I had an impression that I would need to wait for sometime before my turn to be vaccinated as I’m getting it ina large vaccination center which I believes that I would be vacinated togather with thousands of people at the sametime.

Surprisingly, there were no large crowd in the vaccination area. The whole vaccination process were very smooth and the thing that comes to my surprise is when I do not need to wait for my turn to be vaccinated. I do not even have time to prepare myself mentally and physically and I was in the vaccination room.

But it was good too as I do not need to spend time worrying about the vaccination while waiting for my turn. I was really impressed with the whole vaccination process being planned and I was really proud of what has our Ministry of Health capability to organize such great vacination center.

No matter what politically other people said about our Ministry of Health, I have full confidence that they are doing a great job and we have one of the best medical bodies in the world. Kudos to all medical personal and frontliners. Thank you for staying at the front protecting us.

I’ve been vaccinated, have you guys registered? You better be! Let’s play our part in ending this pandemicj as soon as we can.

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