The Icon @ O2 London’s Most Exciting Shopping Destination [Travel Vlog 62] The Icon @ O2 伦敦最令人兴奋的购物胜地

To start the London journey with “Bang” we have visited the new premium outlet in London; The Icon @ O2 at Greenwich, London. We have found this place online and was curious on what type of branded items that is sold in this Premium Outlets.

Hence the first stop what we went to after our breakfast in local market, we have departed to this shopping centre to check it out. Surprisingly The O2 were a very big shopping mall that has not only a premium outlet. But also a few event Arena that could accommodates a few large events at the same time.

We have spend more than 3 hours by just walking around the shopping mall and visiting the brands outlet that we wanted to. Even though only the mid-range brands were in this Premium Outlet, but we found out that their price were much more cheaper than what we could get back in Malaysia. It’s definitely a better mid-range premium outlet than what we had in Malaysia.

Check out what great deals that we have found in the Premium Outlet in my video below.

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