Shop Like Local in London [Travel Vlog 60] 在伦敦像当地人一样购物

This is not the first time I’m in London. London has been my second hone or you cannsay second to go place in the world. I will be there every 2 years once for my family vacation.

If the pandemic is not here, I should be visiting London again end of this year. Unfortunately this would not happen with the Covid-19 that is going on.

During my last trip, we had visited the market nearby to our place which we wre familiar with it. We love to go to this place as they have one of the cheapest hypermarket in that area. With just £1 you could get lots of stuff such as regular pizzas, butter, 4 pint milk and many more.

Besides that, there were a Chinese stalls which is run by a Malaysian Chinese couples from Penang for years. My mum will always visit them when she was there.

If she was staying there for a few months, she will be goong to this market every morning to order the Yang Chou Fried rice from this shop. I guess my mum missed Malaysian foods 😂

So we had took a tour to this market and I manage to record somemof the memories we had while visiting this local market.

I hope you also had enjoyed our visit to this place. You might also want to visit this place for budget foods and stuff when you are in London too.

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