Protect Your Bike from Theft with a Most Secure Lock [Life Vlog 29] 使用最安全的锁保护您的自行车免遭盗窃

Many of you knows that I’ve have just brought my eBike end of last year. As I have been using it to bike around my neighborhoods, there is on concern that has bothered me all the time especially when I leave my bikes on the road to pick up something from the store.

While I was having this concern, I have researched online to check out how I could easy my worry about it. At first I have tried out with the normal cheap bike locks that is sold in the departmental stores. But it actually doesn’t easy my worries at all especially when I heard a lot of news on bikes being stolen even with the lock on.

Fortunately, while I was surfing online, the RockBros lock video has attracted my attention. After viewing their video, it has convinced me to but one of this lock for my eBike. After the product reaches me, I’ve found out that indeed it was a very strong and secure one.

I have tried the chain lock out and found out that the chain was very sturdy and it was unbreakable even with a steal drill. If we used it to lock our bikes to a strong pole or similar object, our bike would definitely not able to be stolen by anyone.

I was very impressed with the lock that I have found and I’ve decided to record down a video to share with all of you on the new chain lock that I’ve brought so that you guys would have an additional option to consider when buying a chain lock for your bikes. The price of this RockBros chain lock were slightly a bit above the average chain lock price but with the quality that they have given though this chain lock, what I could say is; it’s worth the price that we are paying for.

I do hope that you find this sharing video useful for you when considering buying a chain lock for you bike. If you like my sharing, please support me by liking my video and subscribe to my channel on the subscribe link above. Truly appreciates your time and support.

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