Meet the Breaker Poised To Break Limits at Paris 2024

Voices of Galaxy is a series of real stories spotlighting Samsung Galaxy users who use their passion, creativity and determination along with technology to make a positive impact on their own lives and their communities, and the world around them.

Grace “Sunny” Choi found her love for movement early on as a gymnast before injuries forced her to stop competing. She soon found a passion for breaking — balancing her love of dance with a successful corporate career. And in anything she does, Sunny wants to be the best. When breaking was announced as an Olympic sport for Paris 2024, Sunny forged a new path, breaking every limit along the way. She left her job and moved to New York City, the birth of breaking, to chase her Olympic dream. Soon, she became the first-ever U.S. b-girl to qualify for the Olympic Games.

Sunny’s openness to change helped make her dream a reality. As risky as it may have been, she followed her passion, opened herself to new possibilities and didn’t let anything stand in her way. Breaking is a sport built on self-expression, creativity and community. And it defies limits and expectations, just like Sunny.

On the Road to Paris 2024, as she gets set to represent Team USA at the first-ever Olympic breaking competition in Paris, Sunny is staying open to every possibility, bringing joy to the sport and her journey, and working to inspire others to break limits for themselves.

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