Living in a Amsterdam’s Boat Hotel [Travel Vlog 101] 住在阿姆斯特丹的船上酒店

Today, we’re setting off on an adventure to check in at a truly unique hotel. This isn’t just any regular accommodation—it’s a “Botel,” a creative blend of a boat and a hotel. Imagine staying on a vessel that’s been transformed into a comfortable place to stay, floating serenely on the waters of Amsterdam. Located at NDSM, an area known for its artistic vibe and industrial heritage, this floating hotel offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

To reach our Botel, we need to take the free ferry from Amsterdam Central Station. The journey itself is a scenic introduction to Amsterdam’s waterways, setting the tone for our nautical stay. Once we disembark, a short walk across a bridge brings us to our destination.

As we step onto the boat, we are welcomed by the reception lobby. The atmosphere is a mix of anticipation and curiosity, especially since the boat is still undergoing some construction work. Despite the ongoing improvements, the reception area is cozy and inviting.

One of the first things we notice is the view from the windows. The Botel offers a pleasant perspective of the surrounding area, a blend of industrial charm and waterfront tranquility. Additionally, a large map in the lobby highlights Amsterdam’s main attractions and the best ways to reach them, making it easier for us to plan our city adventures.

My mum was particularly delighted with our unique accommodation. It’s a new experience for her, and her excitement is palpable. Here she is, looking thrilled:

We were assigned a room on the lower floor, which seems to depend on the type of room booked. As we walked through the somewhat stuffy corridor, we reached our cozy cabin. The room includes lockers for each guest, a small table, and chairs. The bathroom, though functional, is rather compact. The bunk beds, reminiscent of childhood memories, add a nostalgic touch. Each bed has its own small table with a light and a power plug, which I found incredibly convenient for charging my laptop, phone, and camera batteries during our stay.

Upon check-in, we received complimentary welcome drinks, which we could redeem at the café boat located opposite our Botel room. In the evening, we decided to take advantage of this offer. The café boat provided a cozy atmosphere to unwind after a day of exploring. Here’s a look at the café boat during our visit:

Throughout our stay, we enjoyed the unique blend of boat life and hotel comfort. Taking photos outside the boat and soaking in the surroundings added to the charm of our experience. If you find yourself in Amsterdam, I highly recommend considering this floating hotel. It offers not only affordability but also a distinctive way to experience the city.

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