Maximizing Battery Life: How to Utilize ‘Watch Only’ Mode on Your Galaxy Watch 6

The Galaxy Watch 6 has carved out a niche as the ideal balance between battery longevity and modern smartwatch functionality. However, for those aiming to stretch power from mere days to several weeks, a specialized mode named “Watch only” is at your disposal to preserve the Galaxy Watch’s battery life. This guide will delve deep into the intricacies of this mode and provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to harness its benefits.

Our team has rigorously tested the Galaxy Watch 6 over the past few weeks, subjecting it to days of activity and nights filled with substantial sleep tracking. Throughout this period, it has become remarkably evident that the Galaxy Watch 6 boasts an improved battery performance, designed to accommodate the routine usage patterns of the average wearer.

Yet, there will be instances where you’ll desire to extend the Galaxy Watch 6’s battery life, whether proactively or during emergencies. While the Battery Saver mode exists to disable certain functions like the always-on display and specific animations to conserve milliamp hours, it offers only a few additional hours of usage. But what if your goal is to achieve battery life lasting days, or even weeks?

Activating ‘Watch Only’ Mode

Although ‘Watch Only’ mode isn’t a new addition to the Galaxy Watch 6 and has been available for a while, its usefulness remains consistent. Once enabled, this mode essentially deactivates all features on your Galaxy Watch, except for the screen and the single-tap function of the home button. In essence, your smartwatch transforms into a basic watch.

The absence of the Always-On Display (AOD) means that activating this mode requires a tap of the home button. Despite lacking the usual smartwatch functions, this digital watch mode significantly extends battery life, offering an estimated couple of weeks before depletion.

Here’s how to enable ‘Watch Only’ mode on your Galaxy Watch 6:

1. Swipe down from the home screen on your Galaxy Watch 6.
2. Tap the settings cog.
3. Scroll and select “Battery and device care.”
4. Tap the battery card.
5. Scroll down and tap “Watch only.”
6. Tap “Turn on” at the bottom.

Turning Off ‘Watch Only’ Mode

To deactivate ‘Watch Only’ mode, you have two options:

  1. Long Press Watch Button: Press and hold the watch button for an extended duration. This action will switch off the ‘Watch Only’ mode and restore regular smartwatch functionality.
  2. Charge the Watch: Alternatively, you can also exit ‘Watch Only’ mode by simply charging your watch. Once the watch is charged and powered on, it will return to its usual operational mode.

These straightforward methods allow you to seamlessly exit ‘Watch Only’ mode and resume using your Galaxy Watch 6 with its full range of features.

Whether in a crisis situation or preparing for a journey without access to a charger, ‘Watch Only’ mode can be immensely beneficial. You can always switch the feature off, which means you can save several days of battery life and then revert to regular usage by disabling the mode. This functionality is perfect for scenarios like long hikes to camps or when you need to conserve power until a cell signal becomes available.

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