What to Expect in KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge [Travel Vlog 87] 吉隆坡国际机场广场高级休息室有什么值得期待的

The KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge has maintained its winning status by collecting the award as the World’s Best Independent Airport Lounge operator in year 2023.

The lounge is located within the restricted area where passengers departing have cleared customs and passport control. Situated in the International Departure area, near Gate G, this spacious lounge offers a range of signature facilities and services designed to enhance your travel experience. Just FYI, An onward flight boarding pass is required.

So let’s check out what’s could you expect in the KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge. Let’s start with the delightful culinary offerings available at the lounge. While the food area may not be extensive, it offers a satisfying selection. During my visit, I discovered a variety of options to please different tastes.

They served bread toast, refreshing juices, aromatic coffee and teas, a combination of continental and Asian dishes, assorted cakes, Salads and pastries.

I personally enjoyed the salads, continental sausages, and the delectable cakes and pastries. It’s worth noting that vegetarian options are available upon request. However, during my visit, I did not come across the mentioned soft drinks and local beer

In terms of overall impression, I found the lounge to be a pleasant and quiet place to relax and enjoy some refreshments at KLIA. While the food offerings were satisfactory, they didn’t particularly stand out.

If you’re willing to pay for access, you may find other dining options within the airport that offer a more diverse culinary experience.

However, if you have credit cards with rewards that grant you complimentary entry, the Premium Lounge becomes an appealing choice.

It’s essential to note that free access is granted to those flying First Class for international flights or holding Privilege Cards like HSBC Premier and American Express. You may want to check with your credit card provider for specific details. Alternatively, you can purchase a single visit pass to the lounge at a price.

I think that’s all folks for my quick sharing on KLIA’s Plaza Premium Lounge. I hope you had an idea what to expect to get when you were there. Remember to make the most of your lounge experience if you plan to visit them and enjoy your journey and Safe travels.

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