Geo Resort Hotel Genting Highlands A Luxury Hotel [Travel Vlog 86] 云顶高原 Geo Resort Hotel 豪华酒店

Step into the luxurious realm of Geo Resort Hotel, nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Genting Highlands. From the moment you step foot in the lobby, prepare to be captivated by its expansive and meticulously designed interiors, crafted with the essence of a lavish staycation in mind.

As I entered the lobby, a sense of grandeur swept over me. While the hotel’s architecture may not boast a modern aesthetic, its opulent ambiance was undeniable. I was warmly welcomed by a stunning lift, a mere preview of the elegance that awaited behind each room door.

Curiosity piqued, I ventured into my accommodation. To my left stood a magnificent wooden closet, generously stocked with essentials such as an iron, ironing board, plush bathrobe, and a secure deposit box. Adjacent to it, a thoughtfully curated mini bar beckoned, offering a delightful selection of refreshing mineral waters, aromatic coffee, and invigorating teas. And to my delight, a coffee maker graced the table, inviting me to indulge in a personal barista experience.

Nestled at the bottom of the room was a dazzling glass mini fridge, a testament to the hotel’s commitment to indulgence. At first glance, the room exuded an air of spaciousness, accompanied by a design that made me feel like royalty within my own domain. The bathroom, equipped with a glass door to confine water splashes, exuded a sense of privacy, while the basin area exuded a luxurious charm.

One notable feature of the room was an L-shaped working table placed beside the balcony door, providing a pleasant and functional space to accomplish tasks. Furthermore, a long wooden bench beneath the TV proved both practical and stylish, serving as a comfortable spot to sit or stow our belongings. However, the pièce de résistance was undeniably the balcony itself. Transporting us to the romantic streets of Paris, it became our go-to spot for capturing stunning OOTD moments.

Ascending to the top floor, we discovered a bar renowned for its exquisite design and captivating atmosphere. This space served as a haven where many sought solace while sipping on fine wines and savoring delectable dishes. Moreover, an open kitchen showcased the culinary prowess of the talented chefs, elevating the dining experience to new heights.

Venturing downstairs to the first floor, we found a hidden gem housing both the gym and restaurant. Though compact, the gym boasted a comprehensive range of equipment to cater to our fitness needs. Adjacent to it, a heated infinity pool awaited, inviting us to immerse ourselves in its inviting waters. Nestled beside the pool, the Cabana Restaurant provided an al fresco dining experience, treating guests to an array of tantalizing local and international delicacies. As we explored further, numerous shops dotted the premises, offering an enticing opportunity for those seeking a little extra adventure.

For breakfast, we eagerly returned to the Cabana Restaurant. Geo Resort Hotel excelled in providing a diverse array of culinary delights, ranging from tantalizing Nasi Lemak and succulent Rendang Ayam to sizzling Fried Mee Hoon and delectable pastries. The spread seemed endless, with options such as savory sausages, aromatic Loh Mai Kai, refreshing salads, hearty spaghetti, and even baked tomatoes. The breakfast experience was elevated further with live noodle stations, an assortment of mouthwatering cakes, and an enchanting display of Roti Canai, complete with a captivating Teh Tarik show.

In conclusion, our stay at Geo Resort Hotel was an indulgent escape, offering an exquisite blend of sumptuous cuisine and captivating entertainment. After spending an extended period at home, this experience proved to be a much-needed and thoroughly enjoyable getaway.

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